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SiteGuard From FDI Creative Services

The all new software, security & backup service from FDI Creative Services.

What is SiteGuard?

Any website using a content management system can become vulnerable to rapidly changing exploits, robots and hackers. To combat this, software manufacturers are constantly making security and performance improvements to their software. It is critical that website owners maintain the latest versions of software and patches in order to be protected by emerging threats. In addition, website owners should always retain a current backup of their website in case the worst happens.

A hacked website will effect search engine placement, and has the possibility of infecting your visitors computers with malware or viruses. FDI Creative recommends monthly auditing of your websites software and backup files. If you don’t have the time or know how, SiteGuard is for you.

What you receive:

  1. Website Audits

    Monthly website audit by a professional website developer. Audit includes looking for un-patched software and new performance upgrades that may be available for your website.

  2. Vulnerabilities

    When vulnerabilities are found, a team member will automatically update your software to the latest version. CMS security patches come out every three to four weeks so this is critical in maintaining a healthy website.

  3. Backup

    A team member will create a manual backup of your critical website files and store them in an offline server every month.

  4. Restore

    In case of a website hack or issues arise with the website, FDI will restore your website back to a previously known “clean” version, patch any outdated software and get your site back online fast.

  5. Support & Website Edits:

    FDI Creative provides up to one hour of monthly telephone support for general help, or we can use that time to make website modifications or additions. 


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